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Couples Cite Fitness Room Benefits

By Pat Warner Photos by Bob Dunham Frank Furci used to be a long distance cyclist; about 10 years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. “I exercise to strengthen my body, especially the muscles that support my joints, and to maintain independence. After being diagnosed, I took up Tai-Chi. Every morning I walk about …

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Phyllis Dale, JKV’s Red Hot Mama

By Phyllis Dale and Pat Warner Imagine three-year-old Phyllis seated at an old player piano, putting tiny fingers onto fast moving keys as her mother pushes the pedals to make music. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, to parents of Czech, Lebanese and Syrian heritage, Phyllis shared that her father resembled the handsome movie star Gilbert Roland …

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Meet Resident Sandy H. Crane

By Doreen Richardson Welcome, fellow John Knox Village Residents! My name is Sandy H. Crane. My partner for life, Sammy H. Crane, and I have been residents here for many years. Actually, we are second-generation cranes, I mean residents, as my parents lived on our beautiful campus before we were born. We have the privilege …

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Eco-Friendly Gardening

This past summer space age technology took root along the John Knox Village pool deck. The three aeroponic growing systems allow John Knox Village to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs or fruits either indoors or outdoors for use in our dining venues. Aeroponics was first developed by scientists in the 1920s as an academic …

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Taking Flight

Photographs by Bob Dunham, Tyfani Detki and Luis Lopez-Mendez, freefall videographers. Recently, five John Knox Village residents, Debra Sheffield, Linda Sahm, Geri Hasley, Lola Knaus, and Edith Buttner along with an entourage of village cheering them on, took the plunge when they completed tandem skydiving jumps at the sky dive capital of the world, Sky …

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The John Knox Village Genealogy Society

A. Dale Stewart, Founder I arrived at John Knox Village in December 2008. My personal family history quest had been on hold for almost 20 years because I devoted much of my time to preaching, teaching and founding The Interfaith Alliance of Florida. After attending a seminar by George Morgan entitled “The Genealogist as CSI,” I …

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Remaining Independent Through Home Health Care

Sharon Hardiman, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC Director of Home Health at John Knox Village As a clinical nursing leader with more than 30 years of experience in home health care, I am frequently asked, “What exactly is home health care and how can I arrange for it?” The short answer is, home health is customized …

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Move, Improve, Remove

Three Steps to Prevent Falls Trung Bui, DPT On average, one in four seniors will fall each year. Out of those falls, one out of five will result in a severe injury. As we age, our chances of falling increases. The risk of falling is due to having less agility or balance problems as well …

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The Land Around Us – Deltona, Florida

Article by: Louise Caccamise Photos by: Bob Dunham This month as we continue our “The Land Around Us” series, we will visit Deltona, a near neighbor to the east. Recently developed, compared to other towns in Volusia County, Deltona was a planned community that was officially started in November 1962 under the name of Deltona …

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A Healthier, Happier Me

By: Debbie Artigliere This is the story of a journey during which I have become a healthier and happier person. I still have a way to go, before reaching my weight goal, but I am now on a path of reasonable eating and exercising. It all began in February of 2017, when my doctor told me …

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